Hòa lưới điện Sunny Boy 3600 / 5000 Smart Energy

Liên hệ: 0933.905.133

Mô tả

Easy to Use
• Installed like a PV inverter
• All-in-one enclosure
• No battery sizing required

• Optimal, effective year-round battery capacity of 2 kWh
• Maximized self-consumption through efficient charge and load management

• VDE-certified lithium-ion battery and inverter
• Battery partner LG Chem is the global leader

• Integrated Webconnect function communicates with Sunny Portal via Ethernet
• Multifunction relay for easy load management
• Easily and flexibly combined with SMA Smart Home components

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Inverter hòa lưới SMA

Inverter hòa lưới SMA

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